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You can feel confident doing your integrated Pre and Post-Surgical Rehab at Wellington Physiotherapy Associates in Downtown Guelph

Dealing with the anxieties associated with an upcoming orthopaedic surgery can be a frightening matter. Knowing exactly what to expect heading into your orthopaedic surgery and being completely prepared for what you will face after your surgery will help to settle these anxieties. One important decision you can make is to seek out a pre and post rehabilitation solution that involves direct, integrated communication between the key health professionals involved in your surgery and rehabilitation.

The Wellington Physiotherapy Clinics are the practice locations for all of the Guelph's Orthopaedic Surgeons. Wellington Physiotherapy Associates in Downtown Guelph offers patient-focused pre and post-operative physiotherapy that is inter professionally integrated with that team of allied health professionals involved in your orthopaedic surgery, including the licensed physiotherapists and the operating orthopaedic surgeons.

What should you expect from your Pre and Post-Surgical Physiotherapy at Wellington Physiotherapy in Downtown Guelph?

Prior to your upcoming orthopaedic surgery, you will be assessed by a licensed physiotherapist with that goal of completing a Pre-Operative Physiotherapy examination and establishing a thorough plan aimed at preparing you for your surgery.

The goals of your pre-surgical physiotherapy program will include:

  •      - Optimizing Range-Of-Motion and Strength heading into surgery.
  •      - Manage Pain & Inflammation
  •      - Mentally prepare you for surgery
  •      - Help ensure all the key equipment is in place prior to surgery, such as walking aids, wound care, teaching aids, etc.
  •      - Prepare for Post-Surgical Rehab Program


Following an orthopaedic surgery, an Integrated Post-Operative Physiotherapy program that includes communication between your physiotherapist and the operating surgeon is integral in achieving an optimum recovery. The licensed physiotherapists at Wellington Physiotherapy in Downtown Guelph will deliver an integrated, coordinated post-surgical rehabilitation program designed to provide you a safe and timely return to full function.

Common Orthopedic Surgeries requiring Post-Operative Physiotherapy

Hand & Wrist: Fracture, Hand Tendon & Ligament Repairs, Thumb Osteoarthritis Surgeries, Carpal Tunnel Release, Dupuytren’s Contracture Repair, TriggerMallet Finger Surgery.

  • Shoulder: Fracture, Rotator Cuff Repair, Total shoulder replacement, Shoulder Stabilization, Post Manipulation.
  • Hip: Fracture, Total Hip Replacement, Labral Repair, Arthroscopy.
  • Knee: Fracture, ACL & Ligamnetous Repair, Total Knee Replacement, Arthroscopy, Meniscal Repair, Post Knee Manipulation, Quadriceps Tendon Repair.
  • Foot & Ankle: Ankle Reconstruction, Ligament Repairs, Arthroscopy, Fracture, Spur Removal, Bunion Surgery, Achilles Tendon Repair.


If you are having an orthopedic surgery and understand that Integrated Pre and Post-Operative Physiotherapy can play a very important role in returning you to full function, you should feel confident that Wellington Physiotherapy Associates is an ideal solution for you!

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